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Emanuely Group
Age: 63
Project: hybrid seeds and fertilizer to improve harvests of maize
Place: Iringa, Tanzania
Still missing:0 € to reach: 300 $
Term funding: 18/12/19
Short description:.

Local Partner : One Acre Found

Loan will be refound : 18/12/20



Pictured above is Emanuely, often described as an extremely hardworking individual. He is 63 years old and has 5 children. As a group leader, he is representing his group of 9 farmers in Iringa District, Tanzania.
Emanuely is returning this season to work with One Acre Fund again as this means that he can have access to quality training and acquire new farming methods, which is why he decided to join in the first place. Emanuely says that he is happy to have made that decision because, since he first joined in 2015, he has had more profits from each harvest, which has improved his day-to-day life significantly. Emanuely will use the profits from this season to repair his home.
The group will use this loan to purchase seeds and fertilizer to plant a total of 12.5 acres. Given that some members of the group will also be purchasing a solar light, with this loan, the group will also receive a total of 3 solar lights.
In this group: Emanuely, Rodan, Anastazia, Skil, Omari, Idaya, Belina, Tito, Anjela
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