Microcredit for:

Laurent .
Age: 59
Project: buy a cow
Place: Talata, Madagascar
Still missing:0 € to reach: 180 $
Term funding: 24/12/19
Short description:.

Local Partner : Kiva - Vahatra

Loan will be refound : 24/02/21



Laurent is a 59-year old single man. He lives in a family house in the countryside . He raises cows but also sells chicken. He has been in this business for years.
He joined Vahatra to take out loans. With the profits from his previous loan, he bought a parcel of arable land. But he is not stopping there. He wants to increase his investment to grow his livestock and make more profits.

The money from this loan will enable him to buy a cow and spent grain to provide food for his livestock. Therefore, he is asking the lenders support. With his profits, Laurent wants to save more and buy a house for the future.


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