Microcredit for:

Djiguya Group N.2
Age: 44
Project: buy cereals to resell
Place: Sanke, Mali
Still missing:0 € to reach: 900 $
Term funding: 30/06/20
Short description:Buy cereals to resell.

Local Partner : Réseau de Micro-institutions de Croissance de Revenus (RMCR)

Loan will be refound : 03/05/21



Mamadou is a vendor of various cereals. He is well-established in his business in his locality. He is 44 years old. He and his wife have five children between the ages of 4 and 17. Two of his children attend school. Mamadou s wife sells peanut butter in order to contribute to famil s expenses.
Thanks to a partnership with RMCR, his business has been running well, earning a monthly profit of 75000 cfa. Loans allow him to care for his family s expenses (healthcare, clothing, shoes, food, etc.).
Mamadou s dream is to one day build a strong house in the city. The main obstacle Mamadou s livelihood faces is poor sales and poor rainfall during the rainy season.
In this group: Mamadou, Amadou, Seydou, Amadou, Amadou Mata , Samba


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