Microcredit for:

Ha Rekhantseng Group
Age: 45
Project: purchase the ACE-1 hybrid energy system for cooking, lighting and charging
Place: Ntloana Tsoana, Berea, Lesotho
Still missing:0 € to reach: 350 $
Term funding: 30/06/20
Short description:purchase the ACE-1 hybrid energy system for cooking, lighting and charging .

Local Partner : Kiva - African Clean Energy (ACE)

Loan will be refound : 02/09/21



Mamaama is a 45-year-old woman who lives in a multi bedroom house, without access to electricity, with 6 other family members including 4 children. Mamaama works as a civil servant but struggles with buying fuel. She spends the most amount of her energy expenses on wood, gas, and paraffin, which costs up to 430 LSL per month. She also spends as much as 1 hour per day to gather fuel and fulfill other energy needs like phone charging. Mamaama and the other members of the group in this village each bought a ACE 1 cookstove to help them save from the money they usually spend every month on fuel and also help them access solar electricity for charging their mobile devices any time for free. The ACE 1 clean cook-stove is biomass and solar powered. For more information on the ACE1 cook stove please visit www.africancleanenergy.com and Facebook @African Clean Energy In this group: Mamaama, Ntsane, Mateboho, Mahloko, Tanki This loan is special because: It provides communities with energy saving cookstoves that also reduce pollution. Michelle Kiva staff


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