Microcredit for:

Yusuf .
Age: n.d.
Project: complete a modest building for his family
Place: Kaduna, Nigeria
Still missing:173 € to reach: 350 $
Term funding: 08/02/21
Short description:to complete a modest building for his family..

Local Partner : Kiva Babban Gona

Loan will be refound : 08/05/22

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Yusuf is a maize farmer from the rural area of Kaduna, a state located in northern Nigeria. He looks forward to earning higher profits from farming. As a member of Babban Gona, Yusuf has access to high quality inputs and enhanced farming services, which help to increase his yields. Furthermore, through training programs, Yusuf now practices farming in a more sustainable manner. For example, the fertilizer education Yusuf receives focuses on micro-dosing fertilizers to lessen environmental impact and increase yields. Yusuf expects to reap 35 bags/hectare, or double the national Nigerian average of 18 bags/hectare, from this year s harvest. Yusuf, however, needs a Harvest Advance loan to avoid losing margins by selling his maize at harvest, when prices are low due to the high supply of maize. The Harvest Advance loan will provide Yusuf with cash equivalent to his value of maize at harvest. Babban Gona will then help Yusuf to store his maize and sell it at a higher price in the future, guaranteeing higher returns. This is crucial to Yusuf as he plans on using the increased income to build a better house for his family.

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