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San Antonio da Padova Gruppo 9 persone
Age: 55
Project: Purchase soil amendments for cacao and to plant cacao
Place: Tarapoto Perù
Still missing:0 € to reach: 370 $
Term funding: 13/03/21
Short description:Purchase soil amendments for cacao and to plant cacao.

Local Partner : Cooperativa Ahorro y Credito Microfinanzas Prisma

Loan will be refound : 15/11/21



San Antonio De Padua is made up of 9 members and is led by Bernaldina, 55 years old, who considers herself to be an enterprising and determined woman who has great desire to get ahead. For 10 years, she has worked growing cacao, plantains, and yuca. She seeks to continue investing in her farm to improve her income. For this, she is currently asking for her loan to purchase soil amendments for cacao and to plant cacao to continue expanding her agricultural business and improve her income. In addition to this, Bernaldina sells clothing to improve her income. She is married and has 5 children who are her drive and motivation to continue getting ahead. She has as a goal to improve her production. In the photo, one can see that there are only three people who belong to and represent the group San Antonio De Padua. They are officers and are the president, treasurer, and secretary.


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