Microcredit for:

Ivan Massaba
Age: 28
Project: Sell vegetable
Place: Kilurumba A LC 1 , Uganda
Still missing:85 € to reach: 192 $
Term funding: 15/12/21
Short description:Sell home vegetables.

Local Partner : Christ Towers Junior School

Loan will be refound : 18/08/22

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Business description, problems and goals to achieve.
Ivan is a school teacher who runs a small shop with her family. Ivan sells the general home vegetables and day today kitchen stock. He stockks salt, onions, cooking oil, carry powder sugar etc. Ivan is seeking for a Loan of 218.5 To buy more stock to sell to his customers.

Credit record,
Ivan borrowed in this program via Christ Towers J/S., has borrowed money in the last round from Micro sol via Christ Towers J/S. and has been paying very well. This his secon time.

News from this project:

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