Microcredito per:

Alphonsine Iribagiza
Età: 38
Attività da realizzare: Allevare capre
Località Rubavu District, Ruanda
Occorrono 0 € per finanziare l'importo necessario di 200 €
Il termine per aderire alla richiesta è il: 30/11/15
Breve descizione:Allevare capre e pecore.

Partner locale di riferimento: Nain Hope Gospel Ministries

Data prevista per la restituzione del prestito è il 20/12/16


Business description:

IRIBAGIZA Alphonsine has no animals of her own, but wishes to rear goats and sheep as a type of income –generating activity. From the animals, she would get manure for infertile field to alleviate the problem of food shotage and sell offspring of the animals to raise some money to meet the above named challenges. She desires her family to be coverd by health insurance. She needs now 200 Euro for improving her project.

Family situation of the applicant:

Headed by a very poor widow, this impoverished family lives in severe poverty; their house is in a very poor state. Provision of other domestic needs is also another hard task. Three of her daughters dropped out of school due to insufficient financial resources for her education. Often times the family is under-fed and this easil