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Esperance Uwizera
Età: 43
Attività da realizzare: Allevamento capre
Località Rubavu District, Ruanda
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Breve descizione:Allevamento capre.

Partner locale di riferimento: Nain Hope Gospel Ministries

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Motivo della richiesta

Hope, is an association of HIV+ women and men living in Western Province, Rwanda who have come together to improve their livelihoods and fight the stigma of HIV/AIDS. UWIZERA Esperance is a community leader of Cow rearing project planned by this association. In western Rwanda the stigma attached to HIV/AIDS goes with a belief that people living with HIV/AIDS are weak and will not live long lives, therefore employers refuse to hire them and friends refuse to provide them with loans. Without the ability to earn an income or receive a loan to start a business, many group members must rely upon subsistence agriculture. Due to this, many of the association members are unable to purchase health insurance, pay school fees, and buy household items such as soap. Members of the group, in including many women who were raped and infected during the 1994 genocide, have had to skip their antiretroviral (ARV) medication that is used as a treatment for HIV/AIDS b