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Innocent Masiga
Età: 29
Attività da realizzare: Allevamento maiali
Località Rubavu District
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Breve descizione:Allevamento maiali.

Partner locale di riferimento: Nain Hope Gospel Ministries

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Obiettivo della richiesta

The pig gives quite remarkable productions in Rwanda. The group chose the breeding to earn money and get out of poverty. The group is led by Mr. Innocent Masiga. During their first meeting, the association members discussed issues they face as men,women and single mothers. Specifically, the women were concerned with their inability to grow or buy enough food for their children, which has resulted in malnutrition. The women worry about how their children’s malnutrition will impact their children’s physical development and ability to concentrate in school. image005 Many of the women have endured years of abuse by their husbands and other men in their community. In addition, their husbands did not allow them to start their own small businesses, insisting that they stay home and tend to the fields. The women felt strongly that by working together, they would increase their independence and equality among the men in their community. The pig rearing



Innocent Masiga

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