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Ileana del Carmen
Età: 58
Attività da realizzare: Rivendita generi alimentari
Località Masaya, Nicaragua
Occorrono 0 € per finanziare l'importo necessario di 498 €
Il termine per aderire alla richiesta è il: 01/01/14
Breve descizione:Acquisto generi alimentari per rivendita.

Partner locale di riferimento: Nitlapan

Data prevista per la restituzione del prestito è il 15/08/14


Obiettivo del microcredito

Ms. Ileana is a woman entrepreneur who is struggling to get ahead in life, it’s been a widow for several years and has since dedicated his life to carry out work of tailoring in order to cover the costs of the education of his four children .. The house where they live is in a neighborhood of the city of Masaya, has the basic services of water and electricity.

Situazione familiare

They live in seven people: Mom, 3 of 4 children, a son and a nephew a cousin who lives with them. All work together to cover the costs relatives. The idea of ​​Ileana is to start a grocery store to sell and deliver the inhabitants of the neighborhood, and she would be responsible for, and coordinate with their children for coperare products; would work from Monday to Sunday, the gain would be reinvested in the shop to expand the offer and have variety of products. The revenue of the store could be used to cover increasing costs of the family.