Microcredito per:

Irakunda Alphonsine - 2° prestito
Età: 37
Attività da realizzare: Allevamento capre
Località Rubavu District
Occorrono 0 € per finanziare l'importo necessario di 200 €
Il termine per aderire alla richiesta è il: 15/04/16
Breve descizione:Acquistare capre per avere fertilizzante .

Partner locale di riferimento: Nain Hope Gospel Ministries

Data prevista per la restituzione del prestito è il 30/04/17


Business description:

Irankunda Alphonsine has started carrots project two years ago. Exploiting her past experiences and professional backgrounds working at NGO, this woman entrepreneur takes a challenge to tackle the poverty and disease issues in community. Raised impact donation will be used for land rent and seed and fertilizer purchase. For the loan from Microsol ,She has received $91 for buying the seed. She needs now 200 Euro to buy the sheeps for producing manure and won enough fertilizers.

Social Impact:

-Health care : Harvesting and distributing carrots prevent incidence of diarrhea and measles, the main cause of child mortality -Employment: More people are employed as the farm needs more labor -Human rights: Adopted orphans and children’s living standard gets better as they intake nutrients necessary for living.

Family situation of the applicant:

Alphonsine IRANKUNDA is a mother of big family. She raises 7 children and 3 orphans. As a mother of 10 children who are her future hopes, their health condition is one of the most important values in her life. Sought for the ideas for lower rate of child mortality and economic self-reliance in Rwanda, IRANKUNDA has been come accross with carrot harvesting.


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