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Età: 48
Attività da realizzare: Ristorazione
Località Rubavu District
Occorrono 0 € per finanziare l'importo necessario di 200 €
Il termine per aderire alla richiesta è il: 31/05/16
Breve descizione:Ampliare attività di ristorazione.

Partner locale di riferimento: Nain Hope Gospel Ministries

Data prevista per la restituzione del prestito è il 15/06/17


Business description:

This is a new project of CAFE Restaurant composed of 40 women. Without income germinating opportunities, these women’s families’ rely upon subsistence agriculture. Without a wage earning job, many of the community households do not have the money necessary to meet their basic needs. The women said that their inability to be wage laborers was due to a lack of knowledge and vocational skills. Recognizing that women in other villages were able to earn an income by planting a modern restaurant, the women of Nyakiriba decided to plant a restaurent in Mahoko town. They wanted to create a restaurent that would generate income for them . With this project, they are able to earn money for their families, while increasing their position within their households. For the loan from Microsol ,She has received $91 . She needs now 200 Euro for improving her project.

Family situation of the applicant:

NDERERIMANA Esperance is a widow who struggles for the survival of her family. She started a small business of restaurent in Mahoko Center where she introduces and help other women to enter in business. They live miserably in poverty and do not afford to pay for their annual contribution for health insurance and providing enough to eat is a challenge. They can only afford to eat once a day. The children do not perform well in their studies because of food shortage which causes them to attend the school sporadically. They hope that initial investment would help them to acquire some income to be able to address their pressing needs. The family is need of attention of assistance of health insurance and scholastic materials for the children.


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